Tracey Neuls London

Magritte Raw Natural Leather Boot


Canadian born designer Tracey Neuls has been making shoes since the age of nine, using cereal boxes and tissue rolls for heels. She credits her mother affectionately for letting her walk down the street wearing them. 

Supporting the age-old tradition of shoemaking, her shoes are handmade by skilled  artisans in Portugal using luxury Italian leathers - sourced from small, ethical tanneries.

Each pair of shoes a testament to the maker, with their signature on the soles.

An award winning creative, Tracey creates timeless, unique, comfortable footwear.

Her manufactures continue to comment that she approaches the shoe like a garment, by draping leather over the foot and always working with the natural shape of the body, never against it.

The Magritte raw leather boot is supportive, soft and sock-like.

Designed like a second skin, you can tailor a perfect fit with laces at the front and the back of the boot. Bare ankle, heavy cashmere sock - no problem.

The leather is a soft Italian Nappa, unlined and fitting like a glove. Inside you have a proud latex padding for a cushioned stride and just enough lift to be supportive.

The leather sole is comfortable and can be re-soled time and time again ensuring a truly timeless boot.


Raw, unfinished Natural Leather

No hard stiffeners at the front or back

Leather sole with Rubber Heel

European sizing - Please see size guide for your perfect fit.

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